A new tire rack for your kart

It’s time to upgrade your tires.Tire racks can be pretty useful when it comes to improving your ride comfort, but they also come with a few downsides.The good news is that there are lots of different kinds of racks, and they can all work in different ways.Read on to learn about the pros and cons […]

How to Get Rid of Nail In Tire Size Conversion

In many parts of the world, the size of a tire is measured in centimeters.In the United States, it is actually in inches, so the difference between centimeters and inches is sometimes called the inch to inch conversion.The conversion is a simple one.It requires no special tools and only a little ingenuity.You can change the […]

When the R20 is not available, why buy a 275R20?

With a few notable exceptions, R20 tires are available in 275R and 275XR sizes, and there’s little difference between the two sizes.But there are some key differences, and in the interests of keeping the numbers straight, we’ve grouped them into four categories: The differences between the R30, R40, R50 and R60R are more pronounced in […]

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