How to spot a fake tire patch on a car

A car tire patch can be a huge deal for people who use them to repair their cars.So what is it?How do you know it’s a fake?A fake tire can look the same as any other tire patch.They may not have a seal, or the tread may have a scratch or cut on it.It could […]

When does the tire patch go live?

By the end of February, the tire patches will be live for all vehicles on the road, according to a release from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.But some vehicles may not be covered until March, which means drivers may have to wait until then to find out whether the patches are live.In California, the […]

Which tires to buy for winter?

In the coming winter months, the U.S. will be grappling with a variety of winter tires.Here’s what to consider.Winter tires will be less popular in some areas and available for purchase in others.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says snow tires are most commonly used in winter because of the high temperatures, low humidity, […]

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