How to keep your car in shape

The world is not built for the modern age of cars and trucks.That means our cars and cars and roads have changed, and cars have changed in ways that our roads have not.We have seen some pretty big changes in road design in the last 40 years, but none as profound as the transformation of […]

How to make your own disc brakes

The next time you want to make a disc brake, don’t make a chain or a sprocket.That’s because the parts you need to make one are already available at a disc brakes company.For the tire treads, you can buy the treads for the tire that comes with your vehicle.For other parts, you’ll have to find […]

A tool to test the tire pressure of your tractor tires

If you’re a tractor owner, chances are you’ve noticed your tires have worn out a bit lately.You’re not the only one, and it seems that every year, tire pressure sensors get better.The problem is, not every tire has a sensor, and not every sensor can give you real-time information about tire pressure.The solution, though, is […]