PEP Boys tires has become a popular brand with the masses.However, the company has been a controversial brand in recent times with a slew of controversies.In April, the parent company was embroiled in a scandal when the company’s president and co-founder had a falling out with a female employee and allegedly told her she was […]

Mazda3: Is it worth it to buy a 225-65R17 Mazda3?

An early look at a 2015 Mazda3 showroom.This year’s Mazda3 was a bit of a step down from last year’s model, but Mazda made the most of it.We got to see some new, redesigned parts, including the suspension and tires.The Mazda3 is still one of the more affordable midsize SUVs on the market, with the […]

How to choose the best tire for your bike

A tire with a low rolling resistance and low rolling speed, but with great traction, is ideal for the rider who likes to travel slowly.With an average rolling resistance of 50-75 PSI, the Nitto V-Series tire is ideal to be used on a single-speed or commuter bike.It is also an excellent choice for touring and […]