What you need to know about tires and car tires

If you’re new to the car tire business, here’s a quick primer on how the industry works and how to buy a good one.1.What are tire brands?There are a few major tire brands.These include: American Tire & Rubber, Kia, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Michelin, Micheline, and Dunlop.All of these brands sell tires.2.What do they cost?Tire prices are […]

How to fix a tire in town and earn extra cash

When it comes to tires, you may have noticed that there are lots of different brands that are designed for different uses.And you might also have noticed how some tires are sold with a lot of ads and you’re not sure what to do.You might have tried looking for a tire repair shop, or you […]

Which tire will get the most mileage out of its budget?

Business Insider/Rene Guerra The economy tire is getting more attention as more and more people ditch conventional tires.A new study from the U.K. government found that tires with a price tag of between £2,000 and £5,000 can earn the most in terms of efficiency and durability, but that price tag is just the tip of […]