How to spot a fake tire patch on a car

A car tire patch can be a huge deal for people who use them to repair their cars.So what is it?How do you know it’s a fake?A fake tire can look the same as any other tire patch.They may not have a seal, or the tread may have a scratch or cut on it.It could […]

How to install a bicycle tire pump on your vehicle

Posted August 28, 2018 07:50:30When it comes to installing bicycle tires on your car, you’ll need a lot of power.That’s why a tire pump is so important.We’ve covered the basics of bicycle tires before, but the next step is installing the right kind of power supply.The best bicycle tires for your vehicle are made from […]

How much will your winter tires cost?

Costco is offering new winter tires, but prices start at $5.99 a pair, with a $10 rebate for customers who buy five pairs or more.You can also pay $0.50 for a $3 rebate for each pair.The brand says you’ll pay about 20% more in retail, which is more than you’d pay at the dealership.If you […]

Best tires for sale on eBay

BEST tires for sales are out of reach of most people.The only reason to buy a tire on the internet is to see if it has the right tread, a rubber compound, or is available for sale.But if you want a good, durable, and comfortable tire, you might be better off going to a tire […]

How much is a tire really worth?

By the end of this week, we’ll be looking at how much a tire can cost you, and the best tires for your budget.In the meantime, we’re going to look at a few best tires on the market, starting with Milestar, the company that’s building the world’s first tires to use the same technology as […]