Why is India looking to export to China?

The Indian government wants to export some of its vehicles to China for export to the country.Here are the five reasons why:1.It can export its technology to China.In April, India will be the first country to make an export of its vehicle-manufacturing expertise to China, the Ministry of Automotive said in a statement.China is India’s […]

How to find goodyear tires and the rebate

You can get tires for under $200 for a set of 18 tires.The tires are goodyear-certified, with a minimum wear rating of 1,000 miles.They can be replaced for free with a tire shop.The best tires for sale are those from Goodyear, but you can also get cheap tires from a variety of brands.Goodyear tires are […]

How to spot a fake tire patch on a car

A car tire patch can be a huge deal for people who use them to repair their cars.So what is it?How do you know it’s a fake?A fake tire can look the same as any other tire patch.They may not have a seal, or the tread may have a scratch or cut on it.It could […]

How to fix your tire problem

How to Replace a Tire if You Have One That Won’t Fit article Tire problems can range from tiny leaks that look like a leaky faucet to a full blown tire explosion.And with the increasing number of cars that are being driven on the roads, it is becoming increasingly important to know what to look […]

How to fix your boat trailer tire problem

A boat trailer can be a big, expensive, and dangerous investment.You may want to consider replacing your boat trailers or purchasing them from a dealer to avoid the expense.But if you have any concerns, here are some tips to help you deal with boat trailer tires.1.Determine if the trailer is in good conditionBefore you start […]