‘Bike’ to be named after Italian bicycle manufacturer

Bicycles are now available in the U.S. for the first time since they were banned from the country by the U,S.government.Italian company Bicyclings has unveiled the new, aluminum Mountain Bike tire that is designed for urban biking and mountain biking on flat terrain.Bicycling advocates say it is the first of its kind. “The idea behind this […]

How to get the cheapest WalMart tires for €15

WalMart has unveiled new tyres for €5, which are available in all the major categories.The new tyres have an “all-season” tag.They are available at the most popular categories, but the price is still €15 for the standard tyres.The tyres are also available in different grades and the price varies according to the tread width.The latest […]

Aha! I got my tires replaced

I was hoping that this was a rare occasion where I would get a free tire replacement, but after going through the pain and suffering of having a tire replaced, I can safely say that it is not.Aha, right?Aha.No doubt I am disappointed that I can’t get my tires fixed for free, but that’s a […]

When Should You Start Buying Tires?

By now, everyone should have read the tire sizing chart published in April by the Tire and Wheel Institute.It lays out the best size for your tires, the number of turns and widths for the tread.It gives you a clear idea of the tread widths and how much of that width is needed to handle […]

A new tire rack for your kart

It’s time to upgrade your tires.Tire racks can be pretty useful when it comes to improving your ride comfort, but they also come with a few downsides.The good news is that there are lots of different kinds of racks, and they can all work in different ways.Read on to learn about the pros and cons […]

How to replace your BFGoodrich tires

After a recent tire swap, we decided to look at how to replace the factory BFGoodrick BF Goodrichs, as they are the most common replacement for those of us that don’t own a replacement.Before we get to the details, though, let’s talk about the history of BFGoodr’s tires. As with most modern products, there are a […]

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