Why is India looking to export to China?

The Indian government wants to export some of its vehicles to China for export to the country.

Here are the five reasons why:1.

It can export its technology to China.

In April, India will be the first country to make an export of its vehicle-manufacturing expertise to China, the Ministry of Automotive said in a statement.

China is India’s third-largest trading partner, and it is India that has the most foreign direct investment (FDI) in its automotive sector.

India has long been a destination for China’s automotive exports, and China’s imports of Indian vehicles have increased in recent years.

Last year, China exported 2.9 million vehicles, up 16% from the previous year.

In 2019, China will start to export more cars to India, the statement said.

In 2020, India’s exports to China will be 1.3 million vehicles.2.

It is cheaper than the United States.

India has been the largest buyer of foreign direct investments (FDA) for almost a decade, according to the American Association of State Departments and Agencies (AASDDA).

Last year the AASDCA said that India is a major supplier of vehicles to the U.S., and the government has pledged to bring back to India about 1,400 foreign direct jobs, and about 3,400 in India itself.

India, however, has to pay more than $600 billion to keep these jobs.3.

It has a low manufacturing cost.

In a recent report by the Centre for International Policy, India said that it was one of the countries that is the lowest in manufacturing cost in the world, according an index compiled by the Indian government.

The country has one of India’s lowest manufacturing cost indices of 2.2, and the lowest manufacturing costs in the U to the global index.

India’s manufacturing cost index in 2019 was 2.6.

India is also one of only two countries in the global top 15 with manufacturing cost indexes below 2.5.4.

It was a bargain for China.

According to the ASEAN Automotive Forum, the value of India exports to the world in 2019 will be $5.2 billion, more than double that of the $3.9 billion China exported in 2019.

China, however has its own export industry, and its exports are mostly made to other Asian countries, not the U-S.5 (hint: China).