Dunlop unveils new Aussie road tires for the Australian market

Dunlops has unveiled a new Australian road tire that will be available for sale next month.

A Dunloped road tire can handle up to 30km/h and can be installed on a wide range of vehicles including cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles, with a range of styles including a range with tread depth of up to 7mm, and a new tread width of 5mm.

Dunnops has partnered with the Australian Department of Transport to offer the Dunlopers a range which is designed for a variety of vehicle types and will be manufactured at the Dunlisport plant in Adelaide.

It is intended for a wide variety of applications, including commercial vehicles, commercial vehicles with low weight, semi-trailers, utility vehicles and commercial vehicles in residential areas, with more than 50 models to be available in 2019.

While the Dunlap tires are made in Australia, they are manufactured in Japan and will use an innovative technology that combines high tensile strength with high tensility to reduce wear and improve grip.

The technology is based on high-speed compression and low tensile resistance.

This is an extremely high-performance tyre, which is why Dunloping says it is one of the most durable tyres on the market.

The new Dunloper Aussie series, manufactured in Australia and imported into the country, will be offered in a range from the new Dunlap M100, a 5mm tire for light-duty vehicles up to a 25mm tire, which Dunloppers says is ideal for all applications.

The company has also introduced a new Dunltop M100M, which has a 5.5mm tread depth and can accommodate a range to be fitted on vehicles up from a 1.5 tonne truck, up to 3.5 tonnes, or a 12.5-metre trailer, depending on the application.

The Dunlopa Aussie Road Tires are manufactured at Dunlisports in Adelaide, which also manufactures the Dunltops in Japan.