When does the tire patch go live?

By the end of February, the tire patches will be live for all vehicles on the road, according to a release from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

But some vehicles may not be covered until March, which means drivers may have to wait until then to find out whether the patches are live.

In California, the state Transportation Department will not release patch dates for vehicles that have already been fitted with the patches, nor will it provide a breakdown of the numbers of cars and trucks that have been tested.

But the agency said the patches will also be available in other states.

It did not provide the locations or numbers of the states that have announced the patches.

It will take more than six months for the patches to be installed on all vehicles, including those in the United States, according a release.

It will take even longer for California to get on board.

The agency is still working on how many vehicles will be covered and how many will need patches, a spokesman said in a statement.

But by the end the end on February 15, 2019, California’s total vehicles on California’s roadways will be up to 4.7 million, or 13 percent of the total vehicles in the state, according the statement.

California is one of several states that are pushing for a change to the patch, which is part of the DOT’s effort to prevent injuries from rolling tires and other road hazards.

The patch, called a “traffic impact device,” helps rollers avoid injury by detecting rollers’ wheels on the roadway.

The patch is expected to cost more than $400 million and take about three years to put into place, the agency says.