Amazon: No, we can’t get rid of the spare tire cover

The National Football League’s spare tire coverage is one of the few remaining vestiges of the game’s glory days, but that doesn’t mean there’s not room for some sort of solution.

According to the Associated Press, the league is considering making spare tires available for sale on

That means that any NFL player who wants to put a tire on his or her car should have it available to them at no extra charge.

That’s not exactly a new idea, but this one is coming a bit sooner than expected.

It’s not clear when the idea was proposed, but the NFL has been a big proponent of giving players the option of having spare tires on their cars since before the advent of the modern game.

In fact, the NFL’s head of tire sales and marketing, David Dames, said in a video released by the league that the spare tires could be used in a number of ways.

It would also be a way for players to take advantage of the free insurance and other benefits offered to all players when they’re wearing the special “special tire cover” during a game.

That last point is especially important, given the NFLPA’s stance that the league should ban players from wearing a spare tire during a league-mandated drive.

The NFLPA has made the tire cover the subject of a $10 million lawsuit that’s now being investigated by a federal judge in the Northern District of California.

The lawsuit, which seeks to invalidate the tire policy for players who don’t wear a spare, was filed in April and is now being heard by the appeals court.

The tire cover, which is made of a fabric and attached to the tires with a Velcro strap, is designed to protect players from injury during contact during games and is considered a safety measure.

The cover was banned in 2001, but it was allowed to be reissued after the rule was changed in 2007 to make it more attractive for players.

The league has been an advocate of having the tire covering for years, even before the rules were changed, and Dames told AP that the cover was a way to “protect the players.”

The tire covering was the most prominent safety feature at the time the rule came into effect, and the league has made a point of trying to keep the cover available for players even after that rule was made.

That’s because it protects the players from potentially serious injuries if the tire is punctured during a hit or the tire goes airborne.

The issue with the spare cover is that it’s attached to an unprotected tire that can puncture and fall to the ground.

Dames said that this type of injury could happen at any time.

“If you have an injured player on the sidelines, that’s a pretty bad situation,” Dames explained.

“You can put a cushion under the tire and you’re just putting it on there, it’s a very bad situation.”, however, is offering a replacement for the spare tread.

That replacement is a set of tires, but not the standard set by the NFL, which would cost an additional $25.

The replacement tire is made from the same material as the standard replacement, and, the website that sells the replacement, says it has the same protective properties as the original tire cover.

Amazon’s tire covers are available for $39.99, which includes shipping.

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