Amazon: No, we can’t get rid of the spare tire cover

The National Football League’s spare tire coverage is one of the few remaining vestiges of the game’s glory days, but that doesn’t mean there’s not room for some sort of solution.According to the Associated Press, the league is considering making spare tires available for sale on means that any NFL player who wants to […]

How to find the cheapest tires on the road

A tire is a small plastic plate or part that sticks out of the pavement or asphalt and is designed to hold the tire pressure.In most cases, the tires are inflated by air pressure and then squeezed to release the pressure.When used correctly, these devices help drivers to keep a steady rate of tire wear […]

How to Save $50,000 on Wal-Mart Tire Prices

Walmart Tire prices are starting to drop fast, and now it looks like you can save up to $50 in savings.The popular tire store has started offering new price drops that you can activate with an activation code.In addition, the company is offering a few coupons that you may want to consider.If you’re looking to […]

How to find goodyear tires and the rebate

You can get tires for under $200 for a set of 18 tires.The tires are goodyear-certified, with a minimum wear rating of 1,000 miles.They can be replaced for free with a tire shop.The best tires for sale are those from Goodyear, but you can also get cheap tires from a variety of brands.Goodyear tires are […]

How to spot a fake tire patch on a car

A car tire patch can be a huge deal for people who use them to repair their cars.So what is it?How do you know it’s a fake?A fake tire can look the same as any other tire patch.They may not have a seal, or the tread may have a scratch or cut on it.It could […]

Why are the ‘Boys’ not a factor in this series?

Cricinfo Australia has learned that the ‘Cats’ are no longer the dominant force in the AFL.Despite their best efforts to maintain the ‘bigger the better’ mantra, the Cats are now the second-best side in the competition, behind the ‘Power’.In 2016, the Crows played three games in two weeks, while the Cats won three games and […]