When Should You Start Buying Tires?

By now, everyone should have read the tire sizing chart published in April by the Tire and Wheel Institute.

It lays out the best size for your tires, the number of turns and widths for the tread.

It gives you a clear idea of the tread widths and how much of that width is needed to handle the load and the amount of tread left.

But in order to know what size tires to buy and which tire to buy, you have to know where to start. 

It’s not clear what to do with the TWI tire size chart.

It lists the treads and the widths of the tires.

There are no information on how many turns and how wide the tires are, so the only way to know how many of the sidewalls are required for maximum wear is to compare the tread size chart with the tire size.

If you want to know which tire is the best value, then you need to go back to the TTI Tire and Wheels catalog. 

Here is what you need: 1) The TTI catalog.

There is no way to go wrong with buying a new tire. 

2) Tire sizes.

There’s a lot of information on the TPI tire size charts. 

3) TTI’s TPI Tire and Width Chart.

This chart, which I’m assuming is accurate, shows how wide tires are for a given width of tread.

You can click the image to enlarge it.

The size chart has no information about the tread length, width, or number of treads.

But the TTPI website lists the TTB sizes as 8, 12, and 18 inches for tires of a given size.

The TTPT website has no such size information, so I assumed that the TTDI size chart is accurate. 

4) Tire size.

It is often easier to get the right tire size than the right size tires. 

5) Tire weights. 

6) Tire tread width. 

7) Tire diameter. 

8) Tire thickness. 

9) Tire weight. 

10) Tire mass. 

11) Tire width.

TTI says that the tread diameter should be 8.5 millimeters (mm) or less.

I found that the tire diameter is actually 6 mm, and the tire thickness is 7.5 mm.

TTP says that width should be 4 millimeters or less, and width should not exceed 6 mm.

Tire weights are listed as 10 pounds for the Tire TPO (Tight Weight) and 50 pounds for Tire TTP (Tighter Weight Packed). 

12) Tire density.

The density of a tire is a measure of how much material a tire can hold when you drive it. 13) Tire pressure. 

14) Tire life.

TTO says that a tire should be able to handle a load for 50,000 miles (160,000 kilometers) without a problem. 

15) Tire lifespan. 

16) Tire capacity.

The capacity of a car tire is based on how long it can handle the same amount of road work. 

17) Tire strength. 

18) Tire stiffness. 

19) Tire grip. 

20) Tire drag. 

21) Tire traction. 

22) Tire roll resistance. 

23) Tire wear. 

24) Tire friction. 

25) Tire temperature. 

26) Tire sidewall. 

27) Tire radius. 

28) Tire flex. 

29) Tire abrasion. 

30) Tire rotational rigidity. 

31) Tire impact. 

32) Tire surface area. 

33) Tire cross sectional area.

TTS says that an “intrusive load” can cause the tread to wear out faster than a tire that is “not a problem.” 

34) Tire durability.

TTB says that tires should have no wear and no cracks and will last for thousands of miles. 

35) Tire noise. 

36) Tire fatigue. 

37) Tire safety. 

38) Tire performance. 

39) Tire resistance.

TTRT says that tire wear is caused by friction with the road surface and that tire performance should be good. 

40) Tire cost. 

41) Tire inflation. 

42) Tire installation. 

43) Tire replacement. 

44) Tire weathering. 

45) Tire degradation. 

46) Tire loss. 

47) Tire use. 

48) Tire manufacturing. 

49) Tire quality. 

50) Tire pricing. 

51) Tire costs. 

52) Tire availability. 

53) Tire maintenance. 

54) Tire care. 

55) Tire sales. 

56) Tire price. 

57) Tire warranty. 

58) Tire reliability. 

59) Tire compliance. 

60) Tire longevity. 

61) Tire service. 

62) Tire repair. 

63) Tire repairs. 

64) Tire insurance. 

65) Tire emissions. 

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