‘Tire Barn’ to open on December 1 in Montebello

Montebellus, January 11 (ITV)  Tire barns will open on November 27 in the new city of Montebellos. 

The new city has just received a $50m gift from the government, but will be open for two years and will house 1,500 tills, a 4,000-seat theatre and a 1,000 tilling yard. 

With this, the city will become the first in Italy to host a Michelin-starred restaurant in a city that has not seen such a feat. 

It has not had a Micheline since 2004. 

In Montebelli, a Michelai-starrated restaurant with the Michelin starred Michelin three-star restaurant has been opened. 

“There is a lot of enthusiasm from the public, especially from young people,” explained mayor Stefano Lecomte. 

Tires are expected to be delivered by the end of December.