The world’s biggest tire distributors are moving into the auto business

The biggest tire manufacturers and tire service providers in the United States have begun expanding into the automotive industry.

The three companies are: American Tire & Rubber Co., which has more than 3,000 employees in North Carolina; Tire Direct Inc., which owns tire and brake repair businesses; and Tire Express Inc., based in Michigan.

American Tire& rubber, which makes the Renthal R7 and Renthal RT8 tire, has been the largest supplier of tires for more than 30 years.

It has about 100,000 dealers nationwide and has sales in the U.S. and around the world.

Tire Direct has about 300 employees and operates in the automotive, industrial, and transportation sectors.

Tire Express has about 30 employees and makes tires and accessories for other companies, such as cars, trucks and motorcycles.

American has about 200 employees in the auto industry, including about 150 in North and South Carolina, according to the company.

Tire Renthal, which has about 400 employees in Michigan, is one of the largest tire repair firms in the country.

It operates in nine states, and has operations in 13 states, including in the South.

American said in a statement that the three companies will invest $50 million each in North Carolinas and Virginia to build out the infrastructure and expand the business.

American is the largest U. S. tire retailer and one of only a few to own a major tire manufacturer.

Tire Tire Direct said it will invest more than $30 million in North Carolina and Virginia, where it has more sales than the three other companies combined.

The company will expand its tire business into the retail, automotive and industrial sectors, as well as the auto parts industry.

Tire Air Pump, a subsidiary of Tire Direct, is the biggest supplier of air pump air cleaners in the world and a subsidiary to Audi AG.

American and Tire Air Power are the two largest air pump manufacturers in the World.

TireExpress has about 1,000 jobs in the North Carolina region and about 1.5 million worldwide.

American also has more retail and industrial sales than Tire Direct and Tire Direct’s other competitors, and it has nearly 2,000 more employees than the company with about 2,600.

American operates in 16 states, with operations in eight states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Tire &amps; Rubber, which owns the RSL, Renthal and RT8 tires, is also a major player in the tire industry, having about 1 million tires in the USA and a market share of about 7% in North America, according the company’s statement.

The companies will jointly announce more details in coming weeks.

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