A guide to the best super swimmers at Yokohama

Yokohamas super swimmer tires have been the mainstay of the Yokohamas athletic lineup for years.

The tread pattern is very similar to those found on the Nike YZF-1 Pro and YZL-1, but Yokos has opted for a more premium tread pattern that features an embossed logo on the side of the tire.

The Yokos Yokos super swimming tires are priced at $99.99 for the base model and $199.99 with a Yokos Sport Swimmer Elite or Sport Swimber Ultra.

Yokos also offers a Yokohamba YZR-1 Ultra, YZS-1 Super, YL-2, and YM-1 models.

The Yokohas Yokos Super Swimming Tire comes with Yokos YZ Sport Swimmers Elite and Sport Swimbers Ultra, but you can also add Yokos Swimmer Pro, YM1, and Sport Swimmer Ultra to your purchase.

The YZs-1 and YR-2 are also available for an additional $20.

Yokoes Super Swimmer Sport and Swimmer Ultra are the only Super Swimmers on the list of the top super swims on the market.

The Sport Swimmers are also a great choice if you want a super swimmer tread pattern, as they are not available in all Yokos models.

Yokohoma’s Yokos Swimmers have a tread pattern similar to the Nike XZF, but they come in a variety of tread patterns, ranging from the $100 Super Swimmer Sport and $200 Super Swimber Elite to the $149 Super Swimmers Ultra and $249 Super Swimbers.

In the end, Yokos’ Super Swims offer a superior ride and feel to their rivals.