Why do you buy a new tire? It’s important to know the pros and cons of new tires.

The tires on the road are so important that a tire depot in Texas is now providing new tires to residents who live on the east coast.

The company said it wants to give people the choice to choose from a wide variety of tires that offer better grip, wear resistance and more durable life-long protection.

The depot is opening at a location near the airport and the site is set to be operational in early 2019.

The depot’s owner, Chris Burchfield, said that the tires are available to residents in three sizes, which he said will be able to accommodate many different types of vehicles and types of tires.

“The tires are designed to offer better traction and less grip in all types of weather, with a good mix of treads and tread depth,” Burchline said in a news release.

The tires can also be used for a variety of applications including highway and urban driving.

They can be used on the front end of vehicles, in front of the front wheels and even in the middle of the wheelbase.

“We’re looking for people who can get their first ride on a new pair of tires,” Bumby said.

The depot is also offering tires to those who have recently bought a vehicle and want to purchase new tires and are unsure of the best options.

Burchby said that those who want to buy new tires should contact the depot to check out the selection.

Burchfield said that while most of the company’s customers live in the U.S., he expects to be expanding in the coming months.

Tire Depot, located at 2111 E. Highway 290, is just one of several tire depots in the United States that offer new tires at affordable prices.

Tire Depot in Virginia, a company based in Virginia Beach, is also opening new locations in Virginia and Maryland, with another opening later this year in Texas.

For more news on the weather, weather-related issues and other topics, check out CBS News Weather.

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