Which car is the fastest?

As the first week of the season approaches, it is easy to get carried away when looking at how the top drivers will perform this year.

And as the race has moved to the back-burner of the calendar, the focus has turned to how the drivers will fare against each other, which has proved an interesting and intriguing race to watch.

For all the attention paid to the drivers’ rivals, however, we have yet to see much of a comparison of the drivers on the road.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top 10 fastest drivers of the year so far.

The top 10 most likely drivers to finish the season in the top three:1.

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) Mercedes is on a mission to win the championship in 2017, and Lewis Hamilton is the driver who has helped Mercedes reach the top of the grid for the first time in years.

He has a great record against Ferrari, but has never really struggled on the straights, and he will be hoping to repeat that on the first lap of the race.

With a lap-time of 0:34.5, he is currently leading the race by just 0.2secs.

It is a fantastic result, but not a spectacular one.2.

Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) The Red Bull driver who is now the champion has been the subject of a lot of speculation in recent years, but this is no longer the case.

He is proving to be a tough driver to beat, and in the last race of the 2017 season he was second fastest behind Red Bull’s Kevin Magnussen, with a lap time of 0.37secs, behind both Sebastian Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Rosberg.

He will be looking to improve on that result, and to beat the reigning world champion by a good margin.3.

Sebastian Rosberg (Merced) Despite not being a champion, Sebastian Rosburg is still the world’s fastest driver.

His best result so far has been third in Australia, and while he did not do particularly well in qualifying, he was fourth fastest in qualifying.

That’s a very impressive result for a driver who hasn’t been a champion for a long time.

His average speed in the race was 0.5sec slower than the other drivers, but he still had a good lap time.

Rosberg is one of a number of drivers who will be testing their tyres for the next round, and they have been testing them hard to get a better idea of their tyres’ grip and performance.

The Red Bulls have not had the most impressive car to date, but the team has been testing it hard and is looking to get better results.4.

Max Verstappen (Marussia) The Dutchman had a fantastic race in Australia and looks set to continue his fine form in 2017.

He finished fourth in Australia but has not yet beaten the reigning champion.

He may well be one of the fastest drivers in the championship, and with the race at the back of the field, he will certainly have a shot at winning the championship.5.

Daniil Kvyat (Williams) The Russian has been a huge disappointment this year, but despite that he has been one of those drivers who can surprise you with a quick, well-executed start.

In the last four races, he has not been the fastest car, but with his qualifying lap average of 0,0secs behind the other top drivers, he should be a good bet to win.6.

Sebastian Sebring (Renault) In the final race of 2017, the Brazilian was fourth quickest in qualifying but he finished sixth fastest in the battle for the championship with a 0,8secs average, and was sixth fastest at the race in Singapore.

That is a very strong result for Sebring, and a good sign that he is not in the form he was in the previous race, in Bahrain.7.

Fernando Alonso (Alonso Force India) Alonso is the first driver to win two races in a row in the new car, and the Spaniard has been dominating.

In Singapore he was sixth quickest, with his average speed of 0 at the end of the first two laps, and then his average of 1 at the start of the second two laps.

Alonso is a great driver, and has proved to be quite good in recent seasons, but it is his qualifying pace that has been impressive.8.

Jenson Button (Merged) Button is one the most exciting drivers on this list.

He did very well in Singapore, but his qualifying average was a little bit slower than last year, which was partly because he had to work harder in qualifying to get there.

He had a nice lap in Singapore on his first lap, but as the races went on he started to struggle, and even though he had an amazing race, he didn’t get much more than fourth.

However, that was a very good result for Button

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