What is the difference between a $100 discount tire and a $1,000 tire?

Walmart.com offers discounted tires at a discounted price and offers free shipping for orders over $100.

A $100 coupon can be applied to a purchase of any tire at Walmart and can be used for any tire on the website, but there are limits on the amount you can use per transaction.

For example, the coupon can only be used once per transaction and cannot be applied twice.

Walmart does offer a tire repair kit, however, but the kits are only available for purchase online. 

“I really appreciate the offer, and I think I’m going to do it.

I will probably spend the full $100 and have it delivered to my home,” said Kelly Rennie, a retail manager at the mall in Bloomington, Illinois.

“But I would be interested in trying it and seeing if it works.”

Rennye said she purchased the tires for her daughter, who is 4, and her boyfriend, who she hopes will one day get a ride on one.

The price was $120, she said.

“We are always buying cheaper than what is offered on the web,” Renny said.

“It’s always a great value.”

Rennie said she thought about buying a new set of tires before deciding to take the coupon.

“I was just curious, and thought that it might be worth looking at,” she said, adding that she was also curious about the tire selection and prices.

Rennies daughter, 8, is on a new pair of shoes and she loves the new colors, so she was a little hesitant to go through the hassle of picking a set of wheels.

“The tires were so cheap,” Rensie said.

She was able to get her daughter’s new pair for $100, and was able buy a new tire for her boyfriend for $30.

The new tires cost about $80. 

Rennies boyfriend, 12, was able also to pick up a new, brand new pair, but he opted for a cheaper set of cheap tires.

“We’re always looking for cheap tires, so it was an easy decision,” Rinsie said, noting that her boyfriend and her daughter were also able to purchase the tires at the discount.

The company offers a coupon that can be redeemed online for a $25 discount on tires and other accessories, and can also be redeemed at the Walmart store.

It does not apply to the $100 discounted coupon.

A Walmart spokesperson told CNN that the coupon does not include the cost of the tires, which was included in the offer price.

 The website also offers a tire-repair kit, but Rennys daughter said she was not interested in that.

“She would probably be fine if I just bought a set and just took them home,” she told CNN.

“Maybe she’ll be fine with just getting a set.

I don’t want to spend $100 on a tire, but I am going to try it,” Rynnes said.

Rennys said she is also considering trying her daughter out on a pair of new sneakers.

“My daughter really likes to get some new clothes, and these are some of the best shoes we’ve ever owned,” Rinnies said.

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