What is a white letter tire? | What is the difference between ‘white’ and ‘blue’?

A white letter “blue” tire is a common type of tire that can have the letters “blue”, “white” or “red” painted on it.

A blue letter tire is generally considered to be an older type of white letter tires that are more suitable for winter driving conditions.

The word “white”, however, is a word that is not used in the Indian context of India and thus is not usually translated as a “white letter” or a “blue letter” tire.

There are a few common types of white letters tires, which include: white letter, white tire, white wheel, white rear, and white front.

In India, white letter and white tire are considered to have a similar meaning.

There is a difference in the way the word “blue”.

In India and in most of the Western world, blue is often used to describe a lighter colored tire, whereas in India it is more commonly used to refer to a light colored tire that is wider.

A white tire is not considered to always be wider, and thus may not be the same width as a light tire.

A wheel with a red stripe, for example, is not necessarily wider than a wheel with an orange stripe.

This is why the word white is sometimes used to denote a light, wider tire.

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