‘The Walking Dead’ fans rally at San Francisco’s AMC location to honor dead hero

A group of fans in San Francisco were rallying at AMC’s San Francisco City Hall to remember former Walking Dead hero Rick Grimes.

They said they were in the process of setting up a memorial for the former star of the AMC hit.

Rick Grimes died at the age of 27 on May 26, the day he was to be released from a San Francisco hospital.

He was rushed to the hospital after he collapsed while filming the AMC show, “The Walking Wild.”

The actor, who appeared in episodes that ran from 2009 to 2013, died in a car accident while filming his show.

“We are honoring Rick with our hearts and our memories,” the group wrote on their Facebook page.

“Today, we are going to put the memory of Rick Grimes on the memorial wall in San Jose.

We want to pay tribute to his character and all of the people that he has helped to save,” they added.

“He is the perfect hero to honor our fallen heroes.”

Fans gathered in the hall Thursday afternoon to honor the actor and his family, and to pay homage to the other survivors who died in the deadly car accident.

The group of people in the front row of the hall, which has been used as a makeshift memorial for other victims, held signs with the names of the other people who died.

“I love you, Rick, I love you,” one sign read.

“A hero for me, a hero for you,” another read.

The actors who played Rick Grimes and other characters who played a part in the show, including Maggie Greene, played their part in a video released by the show’s production company.

They all showed up to help set up the memorial.

“Rick and his fellow cast members were all heroes,” said one person who posted the video to Facebook.

“That is what you see in the video.

And I believe that that is the spirit of the memorial, and that is why people will be there to honor him.”

A memorial was set up at the front of the San Jose Municipal Building on Friday.

It was also the location of a “Save Rick Grimes” event, which was planned to honor those who lost loved ones to the car accident in California.

“It’s been a very sad time for our community, but this is a time for reflection, it’s a time to remember,” said Maria Ramirez, who was in attendance.

“The outpouring of support and love has been amazing, it has really brought us together.”

She also spoke about the importance of keeping survivors alive.

“Our focus is always going to be on our patients and their families,” Ramirez said.

“What they need right now is for us to know that we care.”

The memorial was also being used as an educational tool, with a school in San José preparing a lesson plan for parents about how to deal with the news.

“This is not a time where we can let up,” said Alicia Mendez, who is a nurse at a nearby hospital.

For them to get the information they need, they’re going to need to see how they can use it to help themselves, to help others,” Mendez said.

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