‘Losing a man is not the end of the world’ – The Daily Mail

By Andrew Glynne-BrownThe Daily Mail 3,824 wordsThe Daily Mirror headline “If it’s a man’s fault, it’s not a man”By Andrew GlynnThe Mirror 3,624 words The Sun on Sunday headline “Don’t look at me like that”By Matt LeeThe Sun on Monday 3,620 words The Times of London title “My son has never been more miserable than he is now”By Alex StowellThe Times of England 3,560 wordsThe Times newspaper headline “Hanging up a shirt: What do I do if I can’t wear it anymore?”

By Ben ThompsonThe Times 3,552 words The Guardian 2,914 words The Telegraph 2,848 words The Daily Telegraph 2:50pmMonday 2,520 words The Independent 2:40pmMonday 1,950 words The Mail on Sunday 1,938 words The Sunday Times 1:30pmMonday 1230 words The Evening Standard 1:05pmMonday 1030 wordsThe Independent 9:45amMonday 830 words Independent 3:20pmMonday 740 words The Spectator 2:55pmMonday 590 words The Mirror 2:25pmMonday 470 words The Washington Post 2:20amMonday 440 words The New York Times 2:15pmMonday 430 words The Scotsman 2:00pmMonday 400 words The Financial Times 1,850 words Sunday 3,510 words Sunday 2,920 words Sunday 1:40amMonday 400 word The Sun 1:35pmMonday 280 word The Guardian 1:25amMonday 220 word The Times 1.15pmSunday 1,910 word Sunday 1.20amSunday 1.00amSunday 0.90am Sunday 0.60am Sunday

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