Honda Civic R17 with the latest Civic GTO upgrade package, plus tires, wheel, wheelset, seats, door panels, seats accessories and more from Honda

Honda has released the Civic R 17 for the 2017 model year, including the 2018 Civic GT, with the all-new Civic GT Plus, which has the latest Honda Civic GT engine.

The R17 is available in white, black, gold, red and purple.

Pricing starts at $17,800 for the new Civic GT.

The new Civic R comes with a new interior, including a redesigned dashboard, a new sport steering wheel and new leather seats.

The Civic R offers better acceleration, a better cabin and better fuel economy, and comes with new engine options, including an EcoBoost and Turbocharged 2.5L engines, which are available as an option.

The Honda Civic’s R18 also starts at about $18,000, and it has a new Civic coupe and hatchback, which have a different exterior and are all powered by the new Honda Civic Engine.

The 2018 Civic R will come with a rear spoiler, new front fenders, new seats, an improved interior and a few new features.

The 2017 Civic GT was also announced at the end of October, and we’ve been able to get a peek at it.

The 2018 Civic is still on sale, and Honda hasn’t said when we’ll see it on sale.

Honda said that it expects the new model year to hit the U.S. market in the fourth quarter of next year.

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