Black & Decker’s Bontragger tires will debut at the Detroit auto show

Black & Don Decker is about to launch the first of its two new American tires in 2019.

Black &Don Decker’s new Bontracers are based on a modified version of the Bontracex tire found in the Chrysler 300 pickup.

The company says the tires are engineered for the rugged terrain of the Dakotas, the Midwest and the Great Plains, and offer improved wear resistance, puncture resistance and tread life.

The tires have been specifically designed for use in the Dodge Challenger and other American vehicles, but Black &DONDEZ says it is working on bringing them to other American and European markets.

The tires will be available in three sizes: 4X4, 6X6 and 10X10, and they will be offered in three color combinations: Black, White, and Red.

They will also be available with a standard 3-year warranty, though Black & DONDEZ doesn’t disclose what it is offering for this offer.

The new tires come at a time when tire makers are focusing more on performance.

The new Black &Doe tires are based off of a modified Bontraxx tire found on the Dodge Charger.

The Black &DOE tire will be the first ever to feature a fully engineered tire designed specifically for the United States.

In the US, Black &DoE tires will offer superior tread life and puncture resistantness, as well as increased tread life, puncturing resistance and weight.

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