A new report says cars will get a new tire every two years

A new study says cars are going to get a tire every four years. 

The study, based on a study of over a million vehicles from 2012 to 2017, concludes that cars have been getting a flat tire more than twice as often as the rest of the economy.

The study analyzed a wide variety of vehicle models and examined the factors that drive tires wear and performance.

Researchers found that over the past decade, the average tire worn by the average vehicle has increased by an average of nearly 30%.

The study concluded that “the increased wear and wear of the tire on a vehicle’s frame, and the subsequent wear over time is associated with increased wear over a vehicle-years period and is an increasing trend.”

The findings are in contrast to earlier research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that found that flat tires were only one of several factors driving the tire wear rate.

That study found that “flat tire wear is a major contributor to vehicle accidents and injuries.”

“These results suggest that the flat tire may be one of the key drivers of the increase in tire wear, and that the use of additional technologies to protect vehicles against flat tire wear will likely be required for the benefit of future vehicles,” said Paul Chinn, NHTSA’s assistant administrator for auto safety.

For now, the researchers believe that the increased wear rate in the United States will eventually lead to a tire failure rate of 50%.

But as more vehicles are sold, the need to replace tires will likely continue to increase.

“In the coming years, we will continue to see increased use of tireless driving,” said Chinn.

So, if you have a flat, old tire on your car, you’re not going to find a new one for years to come.

(h/t: Reuters)

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