How tired are the tires on the Nissan GT-R?

Nissan GT, the name of its sports-utility vehicle, has been plagued by tire issues for years, but now a new study has determined the brand is at least twice as tired as the rest of the industry.

The tires have been an issue since the GT-Rs first appeared at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show, which was held in the first week of July.

Nissan has said it is working to solve the problem, but some have questioned the effectiveness of the company’s tire strategy.

Nissan is the only automaker to have yet to make a change to its tire strategy after being criticized for its tire sales and sales of the GT.

Nissan is also the only company to sell a new generation of its tires with a new design, which has led to a backlash from some.

The latest tire study, published in the prestigious American Tire & Rubber Association’s Tire Health magazine, found that only one of the companies in the industry is using more than 1% of its resources on tires, and that only the top 20 automakers are using more tires per unit of vehicle weight than Nissan.

The study found that, while there are plenty of companies using more tire resources than other automakers, Nissan is still on pace to be the only one using more.

The study noted that, “In the United States, the top 10 companies use more than 9.5% of the total tire resources in vehicles and on trucks.”

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