A new version of the tire that can detect wear and repair

Tires that detect wear can be quite useful in detecting defects and helping repair them, a new study finds.

The study published in the journal Science Advances found that people who wore a protective coating to their tires during a crash had a 40 percent greater chance of experiencing a repair than people who did not wear it.

“The coating protects against the wear that can occur during the course of normal driving, and this may help us understand how to prevent wear,” study lead author Dr. Jonathan K. Kuzma, a professor of physics and aerospace engineering at the University of Michigan, said in a statement.

“We have developed a coating that provides the same protection but provides more precise data on how well it is performing.”

The study found that the coating on a tire that detects wear had a 10 percent higher rate of repair than the same coating on another type of tire.

The research team, which included scientists at Michigan and the University at Buffalo, found that an outer layer of a compound called nanofiber is a highly effective coating.

This is a material that is thin and flexible, making it suitable for both wear and punctures.

“These nanofibers have excellent mechanical properties, which allows them to be placed in a protective, scratch-resistant, and repair-resistant coating,” said Kuzmas.

The researchers say that nanofibrils could also be used to replace the rubber in shoes and shoes that were damaged by falling off a vehicle.

It would be particularly useful for the people who have a lot of worn-out tires or have damaged tread.

The new research is the first to look at nanofilaments in a tire and its use in repair.

The nanofit product could be used in replacement of rubber on the wheels of vehicles or for tread replacements.

“This study showed that the nanoofilament can be used as a coating for repair and to protect a tire from damage, and that this coating can also be applied as a protective layer,” said lead author Andrew F. Cogdell, a PhD student in the department of materials science and engineering at Michigan.

“With its superior mechanical properties and a relatively low cost, we believe it will be a great addition to the tire repair market.”

In addition to helping to protect the tread from punctures, the nanofillings also provide a way to repair the tire.

This type of repair is referred to as “wear-recovery repair,” and it can be done without the use of a rubber compound or with a thin coating that protects the surface of the tread.

“There is still a lot we don’t know about how wear-recycle repair works, but it appears that it is very effective and is very simple to apply,” Kuzias said.

“One of the major challenges in repairing a worn tire is that the tread can lose its ability to move due to wear and tear.”

The research is an ongoing project that is part of a larger research program to find ways to improve the safety and longevity of the human body and environment.

“When people are injured or damaged in accidents, we want to know that we can prevent this type of damage and repair,” Krasma said.

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